I settled in the north county years ago.   Back in 1991, while living in Agoura, CA  I was a film editor in Hollywood and I used to paraglide quite a bit.  Then one day I had a 40 foot fall to the ground at Palos Verdes.  While flying high above the cliff's edge I was blown back away  from the cliff's edge which has the perfect upward draft that is consistent along the pacific coast.  This was due to pilot error (my bad) and at about 80 feet above the top of the cliff my chute began to collapse from the ensuing wind rotor (the wind was pushing down on top of my wing).  At 40 feet above the ground I was in full free fall.
 Only a 15 foot sage brush saved me from serious injury when I came to earth.  That is like jumping from the top of a telephone pole to the ground below. 
  I broke my left ankle and had a cast put on the same day.  When the cast came off I had great trouble with re-injuring it over and over again.  I was urged to go and see an acupuncturist.  I went in shaking and sweating profusely as I hate needle's.  However they were and are nothing like the needles I was used to from the western doctor.   After the first few treatments the pain was gone and a few more treatments My left ankle was and is more stable then the right.
  On one acupuncture visit my 5th generation Korean Acupuncture doctor, looked me in the eyes and said "One day you will be a great acupuncturist". 
 A light went on and angels sang and I knew it to be true.  From that moment I changed my life, left a good Hollywood career and moved to the San Frisco area and started my new direction in life.
  Years later and after Graduating with my Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine I returned to Thousand Oaks area to have lunch with the 5th generation Korean Acupuncturist who had healed my left ankle years before.
We had a nice lunch and I couldn't wait to ask him the million dollar question.  I wanted to know what had inspired him to say that someday I would be a great acupuncturist.  I asked him "do you remember saying that someday I would become a great acupuncturist"?  He replied "yes".  I said "well after all these years I have been wondering what prompted you to say that".  Now I was expecting him to say that he saw my future and he could foresee that I would do this and that and change the world.
 He calmly looked me in the eyes and said "because you speak-a-very good English".
 And that is how I became an acupuncturist.
 Needless to say I have fallen in love with the power and effectiveness of this science.  I have treated hundreds of patients successfully in my 16 years of practice.


Acupuncturists Trainer for Palomar Football team, Volley ball teams, Basketball team, Water Polo teams, Golf teams, Tennis teams, Gymnastic teams and Cheerleaders.
Professor of Acupressure, Qi Gong and Tai Chi Quan at:
Vitality College, Carlsbad, CA
Natural health College, Encinitas, CA

Appointed by the Police Activities League board of directors to fill a seat on the board for a three year term effective 1-1-2007.

Staff Director for the 6th Annual Congress of Chinese Medicine seminars 1997.

Proposed and assisted in the implementation of the "Group Acupuncture Sessions" within the Pain/Acupuncture Department at Kaiser Martinez.

Served  a three-year term as one of eleven commissioners appointed by the City Counsel at the Mayor's request to serve on the Arts Commission of the city of Brentwood.

Charter member of the Kiwanis club of Brentwood, CA, Sacramento-Reno Chapter.

Director of the Community Delta Center's annual "Mellow Drama" theater production 2000'.

Producer and Director of the Delta Community Center's annual "Mellow Drama" theater production 2002' entitles "Town Hall Tonight".

Extensive Hollywood Film and Video Background.  Experience in all aspects of pre-production, through to post production.

About Clayton Woolley

West Coast University

Diablo Valley College 
1975-76,  1991-94

University of California, Berkeley 

Academy of Chinese Culture
& Health Sciences

Clinical Experience:

Academy of Chinese Culture
& Health Sciences
1992-1996 Internship

Eastern Medical Center
of  Pleasanton
1265 Santa Rita Rd.
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Eastern Medical Center
in Danville
695 El Pintado Rd.
Danville, CA 94526

Acupuncturists / Chronic Pain
KPMG Martinez
Acupuncture Team Leader Pain Clinic
6/200 2/2006

All Bay Acupuncture Medical Center
amp; Chinese Herbs
(Established independent practice in Brentwood, CA)

Carlsbad Acupuncture
2727 Roosevelt st.
Carlsbad, Ca
(760) 331-3644


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